Premium Cryogenic Herbal Extractor 

The Widgett Extractor was invented to serve the need for a simple, user friendly, Cryogenic solid-liquid extractor. It enables the user to run extractions with Ethanol and other solvents at temperatures well below the freezing point of water. All of the joints (couplings) are GREASE FREE. Seals are accomplished with Viton o rings. This prevents any opportunity for the contamination of the extract with silicone grease.

Some organic materials such as Hemp contain extractable materials that are desirable such as; cannabinoids, terpenes, and plant resins, and undesirable substances such as; chlorophyll, waxes, and starches.

The Widgett Extractor uses a combination of Acetone and dry ice (other combinations are possible) to cool the extraction solvent. Several current techniques used require the cooling of the extraction solvent to well below freezing after the extraction is done, often requiring very expensive electronic chillers, followed by difficult filtration steps to remove the undesirable materials. The undesirable materials are usually sticky and gummy and very difficult to filter. The Widgett Extractor, used properly, eliminates this step. The undesirable materials never get into the solvent, so you don’t have to remove them. Run the extraction, strip the solvent, and use the product.

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The extraction is run under about 25-26” of vacuum to keep the temperature of the solvent and extracted material in the boiling flask at or below 40 degrees C. This also reduces the demand for dry ice to chill the heat exchanger.

The boiling flask warms and vaporizes the solvent which is sent to the overhead heat exchanger. The heat exchanger condenses and chills the solvent which passes into the extractor. The solvent passes down through the extraction body, up through a level control tube and overflows continuously back to the boiling flask. This completes the cycle.

Once you get everything cold and started up, you only have to feed dry ice to the heat exchanger to maintain the low temperature in the heat exchanger. Run until the extraction is complete, strip the solvent off the product, you’re done.


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